Ebike Service

Time to get anĀ ebike service or just need parts replaced?
Book Your Ebike Service

Should your Delivery Ebike not work due to a technical problem, the E-bike service team will be on site within 24 hours. Hardware problems like a broken saddle, grips or parking stand will be fixed on your service routine.

Make A Booking

You can call or book your ebike service online. We aim to be with you within 24 hours. Specify if there is anything in particular wrong with your E-bike.

What's Covered?

Wear and tear items are covered under your leasing agreements. Punctures and damage to the bike are not. We will provide regular maintenance but it is up to you to look after your Delivery E-Bike.

Collection & Delivery

Make sure to fill in your contact details, we will collect and deliver your Delivery E-bike. Where possible, we will replace your Delivery E-Bike if you experience issues to reduce downtime.

Contact Our Service Team


Call Marty On 086-7525589 Or Email Hello@WeLease-Ebikes.Com