WeBringg you 5 facts you need to know about E-Bikes

At WeBringg, we encourage drivers to cycle an electrically assisted pedal cycles also known as E-bikes. Here are five reasons why you should be reaping the rewards of a pedal assisted E-Bikes.


1.They are fun to cycle.  

This one is pretty obvious, right? It doesn’t matter whether you are a regular cyclist or not, using an E-Bike takes the sting out of the strain of cycling. If you have never tried to pedal an electrically assisted pedal bike you will suddenly feel like you have super powers. You can now conquer any hill, mound or mountain that may have previously been too daunting.

2.E-Bikes increase health and fitness.

You may think a regular bike would be more beneficial to your health and fitness, this would be correct if you rode a regular bike as much as an E-Bike. In an experiment done by the European Journal of Applied Psychology, researchers gave out-of-shape men and women pedal assisted bikes. The results showed that all of the riders were generally fitter with less body fat after only one month of using an e-bike three times per week for forty minutes. Many of the subjects actually purchased an E-Bike after this claiming they were a ‘joy’ to cycle. With the pedal assisted electric bikes, they work in proportion to how much you pedal, giving you a low intense cardio session which you can sustain for a longer duration.

3.No more traffic.

If you are commuting to and from work at rush-hour there is no doubt you will be stuck in a long line of stationed cars at some stage. Using an E-Bike you can pass cars stuck in heavy traffic. If you are a delivery driver, there is nothing worse than sitting in traffic for thirty minutes while the hot food in your car gets cold. Using an E-Bike you can travel faster than an average bike, whilst still using the bike lanes.


4.You will save money by using an E-Bike.

The upkeep cost of an E-Bike is subsequently lower than a car. Young people pay extremely high insurance prices when driving a car so you could save thousands by choosing an E-Bike. If you live in a city you get around quicker and park for free, saving you money on parking cost too. If you spend a lot of money on taxis and public transport imagine the savings you can make cycling an E-Bike after the initial purchase of an E-Bike.


5.You are saving the world, one journey at a time.

You are reducing your carbon footprint by choosing an E-Bike over a car. An E-Bike is the most efficient and environment-saving quick transport method we have in today’s generation. Each time you commute on an E-Bike remember that you are saving the environment for future generations. E-Bikes can minimise noise, pollution and traffic congestion all at once.

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