E-bike Information

Technical Specifications & Information

The battery of the Delivery Ebike is positioned within the frame, this minimizes the chances of accidental damage. The battery can easily be removed and changed by opening the lock within the frame. The Ebike’s on/off button is located on the battery, this button also controls the lights.

The batteries are easy to replace and are interchangeable.

The Delivery Ebike has been specially designed to cater for deliveries ensuring it is steady, safe and sturdy. Most cables are safely hidden inside the bike frame, only the brake cables are visible.

The handle bars are fitted with solid grips to allow a safe and comfotable ride.

The Delivery Ebike comes supplied with LED lights at the front and back of the Delivery Ebike. These LED lights switch on automatically when the E-bike is turned on.

These lights ensure the rider is visible from all sides, at all times.

The Delivery Ebike is equipped with an automatic 2-gear hub, allowing for automatic gear changes. This feature makes the Delivery Ebike efficient and reliable.

The central parking support ensures the stability of the Delivery E-bike when parked.

The  Delivery E-bike is supplied with special rubber tyres to minimize punctures.

The Delivery Ebike is equipped with the most powerful engine permissible. The Delivery Ebike starts to accelerate up to 18 mph as soon as the cyclist touches the pedals .

The Delivery Ebike is fitted with hydraulic disc brakes at the front and a coaster brake at the back.

Brand Your Bike How You Want It

Brand your Delivery E-bike to the style and colours of your company. If you wish to place your logo on the fitted delivery boxes, let us know before placing your order and we will ensure your brand is seen. We require a high resolution image in PDF or EPS format.

Boxes & Bags

The Delivery E-bike has been specially developed for delivery. We have many different types of delivery boxes which can be attached to the Delivery E-bike to transport your pizza, meals, packages etc. If desired, a box can be loaded on the front or on the rear.

Don't Get Stuck

Our Delivery E-bikes are battery assisted not battery powered. This means that you can still pedal if the bike has troubles.

Faster Then Scooters

Our Delivery E-bikes can still use cycling lanes while going up to speeds of up to 25km/h. The perfect combination for speedy deliveries.

No License

The Delivery E-bikes are still classifed as a bicycles which means your riders don’t need a license.

No Fuel Costs

Petrol & Diesel are far more expensive than our Delivery E-bikes. A full charge can cost as little as €0.003 cent.

Easy Parking

No need to pay for parking! With the Delivery E-bike, go right from store to a customer’s door. Simple!


All components of the  Delivery E-bike are consciously chosen and specially designed to ensure that your deliveries are maximised.